Backflow Prevention Services

Backflow prevention is the prevention of unwanted, reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted or contaminated source back into the clean drinking water supply. Backflow prevention starts by isolating a possible contamination source from the town mains or storage tanks (rainwater tanks) from the tap or appliance to ensure it does not escape into clean water supply.

Backflow occurs because a condition exists in a water supply system that will cause back-siphonage (back-pressure). Back-siphonage can occur on a property through a vacuum created in the water supply system. Examples of back-siphonage would be a pipeline breakage, undersized pipework or high withdrawal rates.

Examples of potential sources of contamination:

-Fire Hose Reels
-Irrigation systems
-Swimming pools
-Vehicle maintenance pits
-Ornamental ponds
-Air conditioning towers
-Vehicle/bin washing bays
-Chemical injection areas

What can we do to prevent a backflow of water?

Contact a registered plumber and experienced backflow prevention installer to fit a suita.ble device for your property, and the potential contamination risk. We here at The Plumber Perth would be happy to advise and fit a devise suitable for you.

We GUARANTEE to beat any genuine quote* and still provide you with a professional service.

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